Restaurant Guide

Browse Restaurant List


  • Browse the list of Disney on-site restaurants alphabetically by name.
  • Tap on the “i” icon on a row to view the restaurant details.
  • Tap on the index on the right to quickly jump to that section.


Search by Restaurant Name


  • Pull down on the restaurant list to reveal the Search bar.
  • Type a partial restaurant name and the app will start displaying restaurant names that match your search.
  • Tap on the “i” icon to display the restaurant details.


View Restaurant Details


  • The restaurant details screen displays more information about the restaurant and allows you to add a dining reservation by tapping the “+” button.
  • Location: which park or resort where the restaurant is located.
  • Price: typical price of an adult dinner meal, rated from $ to $$$$. Breakfast, lunch, and children’s meal prices may be cheaper.
  • Type: counter service or table service restaurant.
  • Dining credits: number of dining credits or whether no dining plan is accepted.
  • Cuisine: type of ethnic cuisine served.
  • Meals: whether breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner is served.
  • Reservations: whether dining reservations are accepted.
  • View Menu: menus are provided courtesy of AllEars.Net. An internet connection is required and cellular data charges may apply.


View Restaurant Menus


  • Restaurant menus are provided courtesy of AllEars.Net. An internet connection is required and cellular data charges may apply.


Search Restaurants using Filters


  • The restaurant filtering feature allows you to search for restaurants that match a combination of search criteria.
  • Tap on a filtering criteria such as Location, Price, Cuisine, etc. to reveal the options available under that criteria.
  • Tap on the “Any” option to match any value listed under that criteria.
  • Tap on a specific row to filter restaurants that match that value only. You may put a checkmark on any combination of options under a criteria.
  • For example: to find counter service restaurants located in Animal Kingdom, with price of $ or $, and takes dining plan credits.
    • Tap on the Location criteria and select “Animal Kingdom” under Parks.
    • Tap on the Price criteria and select both “$” and “$$”.
    • Tap on the Type criteria and select “Counter Service”.
    • Tap on the Dining Plan criteria and select “Counter Service”.
    • Tap on the Apply button to apply your filters and display your search results that matches your filtering criteria.
    • Your filtering criteria are saved, and are automatically applied the next time you enter the filters screen.
    • Tap on the Reset button to set all criteria to “Any”.

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