Flight Information

Creating a Reservation


  • Tap the icon “+” to add a new flight.
  • Tap the row of an existing flight to view or edit it.
  • To delete an existing flight, swipe the row from right to left and press the Delete button that appears. Note: this cannot be undone.
  • Press the Back button to return to the Main Menu



  • Enter the Airline, Flight Number, Phone Number, Member ID, and Confirmation number for the flight.
  • If you are using this application on an iPhone, pressing the Call button will dial the reservation number.


AddFlightDate AddFlightTime

  • Press the Date row to select the date and Time row for the flight info.
  • Use the selection wheels to enter the date and time of the flight info.
  • Tap on a different row to complete entering the flight info.



  • Enter the Departure point (the city or airport your leaving from), the departure time, and the departure gate.
  • Enter the Arrival point (the city or airport your leaving from), the arrival time, and the arrival gate.
  • Enter any miscellaneous information in the Notes field.
  • Press the Save button to save your flight and return to the Flight list.
  • Press the Cancel button to return to the Flight list without saving the Flight.



  • If you are using an iPhone, the Call button will place a call to the reservation number.


Deleting a Reservation


  • To delete a reservation, swipe the reservation from right to left with your finger. A Delete button will appear. Press the Delete button and the reservation will be deleted.

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